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Ensure fire safety compliance and protect your property with our reliable fire watch security services in California. Trust our professional team for expert monitoring and prevention

Fire Watch Security

Superior Fire Watch Security Services!

Are you worried about fire hazards damaging your property and peace?

Stay secure with our trusted Firewatch security services, ensuring protection for your property! 

Based in California, American Universal Security, Inc. offers firewatch security services to safeguard your property from fire hazards. Our Firewatch team is committed to providing top-notch security, ensuring your peace of mind.

Our vigilant fire watch security guards prioritize your safety by monitoring premises, conducting fire safety checks, and responding to alarms and emergencies. They enforce safety protocols to ensure 100% protection for your residence, organization, or property.

At American Universal Security, Inc., our primary objective is to mitigate fire hazards, prevent building damage, ensure safety for individuals and employees, and maintain business continuity. Our firewatch security services proactively address fire risks and respond effectively to emergencies when needed.

For a decade, we’ve served California and its counties Our clients range from commercial and residential properties to schools, hospitals, malls, and government facilities, ensuring comprehensive security solutions tailored to diverse needs.

We provide reliable fire watch security services with trained and experienced guards, ensuring customer satisfaction and trustworthiness.

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Professional & Certified Firewatch Guards at Your Service!

At American Universal Security, Inc., your safety is our top priority. Our certified and highly trained fire watch security guards are dedicated to protecting you from fire hazards. They play a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of individuals, buildings, and properties.

Establishing strict and appropriate fire safety protocols on the premises.

Regularly monitor property, conduct fire safety checks, and ensure protocol adherence.

Respond to fire alarms, and emergencies, including building evacuation if needed.

Conduct regular patrols to identify and address any potential fire hazards.

Keeping detailed records of all fire safety checks, alarms, and emergency incidents.

Collaborate with local fire departments to ensure fire safety protocols.

Check fire extinguishers and suppression systems for functionality and accessibility.

Conduct fire safety training for occupants to prepare them for emergencies.

Collaborate with the security team to enforce fire safety protocols efficiently.

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Our firewatch team receives regular intensive training to ensure maximum safety. Trust us for top-notch protection.

Who Requires Fire Watch Services

Fire hazards can threaten any property, whether it’s a shoe store in East California, an auto facility in Torrance, or a farmhouse. Ensuring fire safety is essential for all types of properties, including residences and workplaces.

American Universal Security, Inc. is the trusted choice for fire watch security in California. With a decade of experience and a diverse portfolio, our highly trained firewatch security guards ensure your safety from fire hazards.

Construction sites

Fire watch services are crucial for construction sites, where ongoing activities pose fire hazards. Our certified professionals monitor the site, minimize risks, and take action if needed to ensure safety.

Commercial properties

Commercial properties, particularly older ones, may need fire watch services during renovations or due to outdated fire safety systems. Our trained fire watch guards monitor for such issues to enhance security and ensure safety.


Events like concerts, festivals, and sports gatherings necessitate fire watch services to safeguard attendees, staff, and VIPs. Our fire watch personnel monitor hazards and respond swiftly in emergencies, ensuring the safety of all involved.

Residential communities

Residential communities, especially high-rise buildings and housing societies, need fire watch security to ensure resident safety. Our experienced fire watch experts from American Universal Security, Inc. diligently monitor these areas for potential hazards, taking prompt action such as evacuations and alerting authorities when necessary.

Get Expert Fire Watch Guards By Your Side!

American Universal Security, Inc. Services leads in providing firewatch security services in California. Our highly trained guards adeptly handle any fire hazards. Committed to top-notch security, we ensure the safety of your property and occupants.

We customize our firewatch security services to suit various property types, including construction sites, commercial properties, and residential communities. Our expertise extends to safeguarding corporate, personal, musical, industrial, governmental, and public events from fire hazards.

Choosing American Universal Security, Inc. Services will rest assured that your property is in safe hands. Our personnel are equipped with state-of-the-art firefighting gear and trained to handle any fire emergency. Available 24/7, we provide continuous monitoring and protection for your peace of mind.

Ensure your property’s safety with American Universal Security, Inc. Services. Contact us today for a consultation and start protecting!

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