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Security patrol services involve the regular surveillance and monitoring of a designated area to deter criminal activity and ensure the safety and security of people and property. This may include:
Patrol Security

Defending What Matters: Reliable Security Patrol Services You Can Count On!

In today’s environment, safeguarding personal and commercial properties is of utmost significance. Amidst rising criminal activities, having a proficient security team is essential to prevent and manage security incidents effectively.

Seeking dependable security patrols? Choose American Universal Security (American Universal Security, Inc.).

American Universal Security, Inc. brings years of expertise to our comprehensive security solutions, encompassing security guard services and patrols. Our adept team is well-versed in diverse security methodologies, ensuring optimal protection. From stopping criminal endeavors to identifying potential risks, we deliver holistic security services tailored to our client’s needs.

Skilled and Seasoned Security Personnel

We boast a team of highly trained and experienced security guards and professionals committed to delivering top-notch security services. Our personnel undergo rigorous training to handle any security incident effectively, well-versed in safety protocols in California to respond swiftly to emergencies.

Alongside our team’s expertise, we possess a thorough knowledge of various Counties of California, including crime-prone areas, emergency response routes, and vital details. This, together with American Universal Security, Inc. expertise, makes us the go-to choice for trustworthy security services.

Enhance life with our valuable security patrol services

Deterring Criminal Activity

Exceptionally talented security patrol guards deter criminal activity through proactive measures, helping to prevent crime before it occurs.

Enhancing Safety

Our patrol team boosts safety with a visible presence, warding off criminals, and ensuring your property and well-being.

Detecting Potential Threats

Our security patrol staff are industry-compliant, skilled at threat detection, and adept at preempting issues, ensuring optimal safety measures.

Responding to Emergencies

During emergencies, our team acts swiftly and efficiently, prioritizing your safety and security, thus keeping you safe from harm's way.

Fast Response

American Universal Security, Inc. expert security patrolling team ensures swift action in security breaches, guaranteeing rapid response and safeguarding your safety and privacy.

24/7 Availability

American Universal Security, Inc. provides 24/7 security patrol services, mitigating security risks and ensuring continuous protection for you and your property.

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Comprehensive Patrol Security Services!

In California, American Universal Security, Inc.  provides excellent foot patrol security to safeguard both personal and property safety.

Our experienced security personnel are equipped to handle any security incident, committed to delivering top-notch protection. Our patrol services encompass physical, mobile, and parking lot patrols, along with alarm response management.

For a decade, we’ve offered patrol security across Southern California to various sectors: education, finance, business, government, healthcare, retail, music, sports, agriculture, and entertainment.

Round-the-Clock Security Services

Our top-notch security patrol services are accessible 24/7, offering you tranquility and confidence in your property’s protection. With extensive experience and local expertise in California, we tailor our services to your specific needs and provide personalized quotes for unparalleled security solutions.

Currently, our array of patrolling services includes foot patrol security and parking control guards, elevating your protection round-the-clock.

Varied Patrol Security Services

Physical Patrols

Our physical patrol security officers ensure on-site security, deterring criminal activity and enhancing safety. Through regular property rounds, they maintain a visible presence and adopt a proactive security approach to safeguard your premises effectively.

Alarm Response

Our alarm response services ensure a swift reaction to security system alarms, maintaining the safety of your property in case of breaches. With a proficient team equipped to handle security incidents, we deliver prompt and effective responses to keep you secure.

Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrol officers provide roaming security, covering large areas and responding swiftly to incidents. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, they ensure fast communication during emergencies, enhancing our ability to keep you safe.

Parking Lot Patrol

Our parking lot patrol security officers monitor and secure parking areas, safeguarding vehicles and property. Trained by American Universal Security, Inc., they swiftly detect and respond to security threats, ensuring a safe environment for you and your patrons.

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Hire Security Patrol Services in California

Hiring security patrol services in California can be a wise investment to ensure property protection, enhance safety, and provide peace of mind. Various situations necessitate patrol security services for optimal security.

Retail Establishment Security

Security patrol services play a crucial role in deterring theft and enhancing safety in retail stores, including apparel, furniture, hardware, cosmetics, and more. This involves monitoring the premises, responding to incidents, and maintaining a visible security presence.

Neighborhood Watch

In residential areas, security patrol services offer a visible deterrent to criminal activity and promote safety. This involves patrolling neighborhoods, responding to incidents, and collaborating with law enforcement to safeguard the community.

Property Protection

To protect homes, businesses, and construction sites, security patrol services can provide a visible security presence and deter criminal activity. This can include securing the property, monitoring activity, and responding to any security-related incidents.

Expert Security Guards at Your Service

At American Universal Security, Inc. Company in California, we boast a team of expert security guards dedicated to delivering top-notch patrolling services. Our guards undergo rigorous selection and training to ensure they possess the requisite skills and knowledge to meet your needs.

Furthermore, our guards are licensed, insured, and possess extensive experience in security and law enforcement. They receive regular training to maintain their skills and stay updated on the latest security technologies and techniques.

Extensive experience in security and law enforcement.

Regular training to stay up to date with the latest techniques.

Professional, courteous, and dedicated to serving clients’ needs.

Knowledgeable in the latest security technologies.

Quick response in emergencies.

Free Consultation

Rely on our expert patrol guards to deter security threats

Certified and Exceptional Security Patrol Services

At American Universal Security, Inc. Company in California, we’re dedicated to delivering outstanding security patrol services that distinguish us from others.


We are known for our dependable and trustworthy security solutions, with our guards always on time and schedule.

Customer Service

Our team prioritizes our client’s needs and is dedicated to answering your queries and providing outstanding customer service.

Latest Equipment

Keeping pace with the changing security needs, we use the latest technology and equipment to enhance our security services.


Expert and certified security guards have extensive experience in security and law enforcement and have been serving LA for over a decade.

Local Presence in California

Understanding the local security landscape and requirements, our strong local presence in California allows us to better serve our clients.

Customized Quotes

We provide personalized quotes to match clients' security requirements and budgets, ensuring tailored services. Contact us now for customized quotes and expert patrols.

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