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American Universal Security, Inc. is renowned as a highly skilled private security firm, dedicated to providing expert protection services with professionalism and precision.

Established Private Security Company- Ensuring Trust in California

American Universal Security, Inc. stands at the forefront of private security services, delivering comprehensive protection solutions for individuals, high-profile personnel, celebrities, VIPs, and events. Renowned for our excellence, we prioritize safety and security, offering top-quality, customized services to our clients. With a solid reputation for reliability and commitment, we strive to provide the utmost security solutions to safeguard our clients’ peace of mind and well-being.

With extensive experience, our team of highly trained, certified private security guards excels in handling diverse security situations with expertise and professionalism.

With a Decade Of Operation, We Assist Diverse Clients With Our Comprehensive Private Security Services

Situated in Chatsworth, California , we maintain a strong local presence and dedicate ourselves to providing optimal security solutions to clients in California and nearby areas.

At American Universal Security, Inc., we are fully licensed, and insured, and uphold stringent security protocols and standards to deliver reliable security services in California. With our experienced and professional security personnel, clients can trust us to safeguard their security needs effectively, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in our services.

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Private Security Guard Services- California

We provide an extensive array of private security services to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Our services cater to your unique needs and provide superior security for you and your valuables.

Our Comprehensive Services Include

Access Control

Our access control services guarantee authorized entry, monitored by trained security personnel who verify IDs and utilize cutting-edge technology for enhanced security measures.

Emergency Response

During emergencies, our 24/7 response team reacts swiftly. Trained in emergency procedures, our security personnel manage alarm systems and handle various emergencies proficiently.

Bodyguard Services

Our bodyguard services offer discreet and professional protection for at-risk individuals. Highly trained guards ensure your safety by preventing unauthorized access and addressing potential threats effectively.

Event Security

We provide event security for various events, ensuring safety and order. Our trained personnel manage crowds and access and collaborate with organizers for seamless event execution.

Hiring Private Security Services!

Private security guard services California offer an additional level of security and assurance, safeguarding you, your property, assets, and family for enhanced peace of mind and protection.

When your safety is at risk, you require a trustworthy companion who comprehends your schedule, devises a security strategy in advance, respects your personal space, and ensures your safety discreetly and effectively.

Our private security personnel and bodyguards are here to fulfill this vital role, offering protection that suits diverse needs and situations, making hiring them a wise choice.

Business Executives

Private security is essential for high-level business executives and major corporations to safeguard themselves and their assets. In the face of rising threats like kidnapping and extortion, private security provides a vital layer of protection, offering peace of mind and ensuring safety for executives and their families.


Celebrities, politicians, and other high-profile individuals frequently encounter harassment and stalking threats. Private security offers tailored protection, allowing you to navigate daily life confidently while we ensure your safety, peace of mind, and convenience.

VIP Guests at Events

Private security services play a crucial role in safeguarding VIP guests at various events, including weddings, parties, and corporate functions. Our trained personnel oversee access, manage crowds, and handle emergencies, ensuring a secure environment for all attendees, with a heightened focus on VIP safety.

Construction Sites

Construction sites face constant threats like theft and vandalism. Private security mitigates these risks, safeguarding equipment and materials. It fosters a secure work environment for personnel and employees, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing disruptions caused by criminal activities.

Retail Stores

Retail stores face various security risks, from shoplifting to theft. Our private security guards are adept at deterring criminal activity, minimizing losses, and ensuring a secure shopping environment for customers. Whether you're a business executive, celebrity, or VIP guest, American Universal Security, Inc. offers tailored protection for your property and assets, ensuring peace of mind and successful business operations.

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We recognize diverse private security services needs, tailoring our comprehensive range of services to meet the safety requirements of individuals, businesses, and organizations.

For access control, emergency response, bodyguard services, or event security in California and its various counties, count on our expertise and resources for your protection needs.

Trust us to safeguard what matters most to you. Contact us today for reliable private security services tailored to your requirements.

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